Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Torn Apart and Bewildered

Wednesday, March 15, 1950

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

Art, darling, I needed you today.  I still do.  I feel bad – not physically, but torn apart and bewildered.  And nothing happened to make me feel this way.  It’s one of those bad days where nothing actually goes wrong yet everything is wrong.  I need a shoulder to weep on or arms around me – comforting, or just the presence of someone who wants me to feel good.  You.

I’m sorry, darling.  A cheerful letter can’t seem to come from me tonight.  I’ll try to do better.  Shirl and I went to the movies tonight.  We saw Lifeboat and Jane Eyre – both excellent pictures.  Revivals, you know.

Shirl’s sleeping now.  I feel so alone and lonely.  It’s a good thing for me I’m going home this weekend.  You’ll be pleased to
see me, won’t you, darling?

I’ve done nothing at all these last two days, it seems, and I absolutely have some homework due tomorrow.  I haven’t even started it yet.  I don’t know if I can face doing it tonight or not.

I’m terribly sorry, dear, for writing such a depressing letter.  Maybe I’ll feel a
little better after telling you my woes even if it’s only in a letter.  So will you forgive me?

By Friday, I’m sure I shall be in bright spirits again.  Until then (and forever),

All my love,


This is a P.S., Art darling, being written in school about 9:45 in the morning.  I’ll mail this as soon as I sign off.  Well, I feel much, much better.  I don’t understand what was wrong with me last night.  Why, I’m even almost ready to face some schoolwork this morning.  Shirl and another friend are coming for me at 3:30 this afternoon and then we’re going someplace to look at materials.  I think I’ll call Daddy up and see if my income tax is home yet.  Just think – there should be a letter from you when I get home today!  I hope you’re feeling well and cheerful in it.  Gee, there’s not many people in school today.  The place is empty.  But I have to stay – I can’t miss any more days.



(Tomorrow – Art and the girl in the bathing suit.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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