Monday, March 28, 2011

Stood Up!

Monday, March 27, 1950

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

Pencil sketch by June Anderson.
I’m mad at you and everyone else tonight.  Shirl says I’m being foolish and childish and I guess I am.  In the letter I received today you said that you were up to midnight on Friday night and weren’t used to those hours without me.  Then you stay out till 4 in the morning on Saturday night.  You never stay out that late with me!

But I’m mainly upset because I’ve been stood up and I hate that.  We waited for Jane in that drugstore from 5 till 6:30.  What’s more, no one answered at the BKLYN number – which probably means that the girls stayed in Southampton.  And I swear, Art, if you were fooling around with them or going out again tonight like Saturday I’ll pull every hair out of your head one by one and laugh like a fiend doing it.

So what were you doing Sunday, by the way?  On Friday night, I expect some quick talking.

- - - - -

Darling, it’s about 9:30 now and I just talked to you.  I’m sorry I bothered you by calling.  I know it was silly, but I was depressed and it was the only thing I could think of to cheer me up, and it did.  Of course, your mother must think me an awful fool calling up like that.  I hope she makes allowances for emotional immaturity and instability.

We called up Jane after I talked to you and she was home.  Both she and Helen came in on the 6:00 train tonight.  Apparently, Mary called us last night to tell us that Jane wouldn’t be here.  Someone took the message for us but it never got through.

- - - - -

It’s now 5 after 1 in the morning, darling.  Now I’m feeling remorse for bawling you out.  You’re so sweet.  I should remember never to get mad at you except in person when… oh, well, you’ll see.

Shirl and I have been working on the cape tonight.  Do you realize that we’re halfway done?  It makes me feel good.  I will like it even if no one else does.

Jane said you went to a donkey basketball game.  I would have loved to have seen it.  I’ve only seen one once and I sure did enjoy it.

I’ll be so glad to see you again, my darling.  It’s only four more days, but right now it seems like years away.

All my love,


(Tomorrow – intrigue and backstabbing.)

© 2011 Lee Price


  1. Because it is true, and a little publicity is a good thing, I am passing on to your site the "Stylish Blogger Award". Check "Caftan Woman" for the gory details.

  2. I am humbled. This is so incredibly cool! I've got June and Art posts lined up through Thursday, so I won't get to spreading the love until Friday. In the meantime, I'm kinda overwhelmed!