Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too Bad I'm Not an Artist

Still life of Navy items:  an old painting by Art, a machete,  and a shell,
oil painting by Art Price.
Wednesday, March 1, 1950

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

I got a letter today from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  They wanted me to fill out a filing card for them as an American artist.  Also they’re sending me information on a special exhibit and contest that they’re conducting next summer and fall.  I don’t know where in the world they got my name as being an artist.  It made me feel real important.  Too bad I’m not an artist (I don’t think I am).

A neighborhood dog, oil painting by Art Price.
I went to my usual art class tonight and had a very enjoyable lesson.  Mr. Secunda is far superior to Partida as a teacher as far as I’m concerned.

Besides that, I’ve done little except sleep and, most important of all, read your letter.  Of course, I went to work this afternoon but I didn’t do much work.

Maybe this will cheer you up about the cold weather – we got a letter from my sister today and she says it’s 30 degrees below zero
with a foot of snow on the ground in Plattsburg.

Be careful and take good care of yourself, my precious darling.  I love you, you know that I do.  I’m missing you very much, too.

Lots of love,


(Later today – window shopping on Fifth Avenue.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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