Friday, March 25, 2011

I Should Bawl You Out

Friday, March 24, 1950

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

Art, circa 1950.
Before I say anything you know I love you very much.  Now I should bawl you out.  Why did you tell Jane about the dance and Joe Cerullo???!!  Didn’t you know I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t be going?  You know I’d have more time with you if we’re not chauffering Joe and Jane.  Anyway, I saw Joe tonight and he says he’s planning to write Jane a letter asking her.  Oh well, I guess we’ll all have a good time.  I hope everything works out.

You and Shirl had quite a subway ride, didn’t you?  I sat there reading your letter and laughing.  My mother wondered what was the matter with me.

Well, darling, I haven’t much to tell you.  I went to a double feature tonight of Mrs. Mike and Jungle Jim.  Afterwards, I went and had a talk with Joe, then came home and read a little and now here it is almost midnight.  That’s late for me when I’m not with you.  I promise to take it easy tomorrow night.  I love you very, very much.  Only seven more days to go.

Lots of love,


(Tomorrow – too many girls!)

© 2011 Lee Price

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