Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Devil's Disciple on Broadway

                                                           Tuesday, February 28, 1950

                                                           46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
                                                           New York City, NY

Sketch by June Anderson.
Dear Art,

You know, I’m afraid maybe I’ll start getting boring to my friends.  I’ve noticed lately it’s been “When Art and I went etc.” or “My boyfriend says this” – I’m afraid they’ll start getting tired of hearing you mentioned all the time.  However, you are on my mind so often, and I’ve done so many things with you, it’s hard to talk without dragging you into the conversation.

Oh, did I tell you?  Shirl and I are going to a play tonight.  “The Devil’s Disciple.”  You remember when they bought tickets to it, don’t you?  Well, darling, I thought I’d better write early, because heaven knows how tired I’ll be when I get back tonight.

Shirl just came in.  She worked hard in school today.  Well, it’s about time – she was only there one day last week!

I feel much better today, though still fantastically lazy.  I’m not over tired as I was yesterday, and my cold is improving.  I didn’t do much in school again today.  We sketched each other this morning and I just more or less fooled the afternoon away.  Tomorrow night I must do some homework.

Well, I have to get washed and dressed so we can go out to eat.



P.S.  It’s nearly one at night, darling, and I’m ready for bed.  The show was good, but nothing outstanding.  It starred Maurice Evans, Victor Jory and Marsha Hunt.  One actor, who only played a bit part, stole the whole show.

Shirl and I are both very tired now, Art, so this is just a note to tell you that I love you.  I hope you stayed in tonight while it was sleeting and snowing.  Take care of yourself, darling.

All my love,


 (Tomorrow – an invitation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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