Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyone's Talking About Communism

Thursday, March 16, 1950

20 Cooper Street
A portrait by Art Price.  This may be the
woman's head mentioned in the letter.
There is no surviving sketch in the
collection of the bathing suit model.
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

Well darling, I just got home from my sketching class. There were only four of us in there – myself, Secunda (the teacher), Ed Mayor, and, of course, the model.  I’ve been looking at a girl in a bathing suit all evening.  Jealous, dear?  Tomorrow is painting class. I think we’re going to do a head.

Tomorrow morning is my half day off so I’ll get a little extra sleep.  I hope you’re getting your rest, and not staying up till 3 o’clock talking.  I’m having difficulty paying attention to my writing right now.  My mother’s standing here discussing communism.  We were talking about it at Partida’s, too.

I’ll probably get one more letter tomorrow.  I sure hope there are no changes about this weekend.  Morton Downey is on the radio singing “I Love You, My Darling” and you know that I do.  See you Friday, sweetheart,

Lots of love,


(For Saturday – background on 1950.)

 © 2011 Lee Price

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