Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Lazy Bum!

Unsent letter from the collection.

Thursday, December 15, 1949

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City

Dear Art,

You don’t know how lucky you are.  If I had started this letter earlier you would be in the middle of a scolding right now.  It would have started out – “You lazy bum!”  All because I came home to no letter.  It was very disappointing.  However, about 8 this evening Mr. Kanter wandered in with a letter.  What a late time to distribute mail!

I was a very naughty girl today.  You see, it’s this way.  Last week, Dot saw the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall with the movie On the Town.  Well, ever since, she’s been telling Shirl and I how wonderful it was.  But Shirl and I have been strong willed.  We held out and concentrated on our work.  Then this morning, we wandered merrily into class about 9:10.  Then this morning, we had nothing to do at school so we wandered out for a smoke (I use the term loosely – I have never smoked in school).  Anyway, we saw Mel and Irv outside and they started telling us right away that they had seen the show and oh! how outstanding it was.  We couldn’t stand it any longer.  Two o’clock found us watching the Nativity scene.  And it was beautiful, and the picture was swell, too.

You mention artwork every once in awhile.  What are you working on?

Don’t worry about my work.  All my assignments have been checked and corrected and just need to be finished on good paper.  I can work nicely at home.  I’ll sleep till 10, do homework in the afternoon, and have my nights free?

I’m sitting here whiling time away.  Three schooldays, the weekend, and mother’s visit to go.

All my love,


(Tonight – great grandfather's portrait.)

© 2010 Lee Price

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  1. You know that the unsent one is one of my two favorites. Your mom didn't show her temper often (at least, not to me), which is probably why I find it so amusing to think that she even considered sending something like that.