Monday, December 27, 2010

Nice Weather for Dating

Draft newsletter cover for the
Southampton V.F.W. by Art Price.
There was no white Christmas for Southampton and Riverhead in 1949 and, in fact, there hadn’t been any significant snow accumulations yet that year.  It was probably cold enough to snow, with the temperature in the low 30s for Christmas morning, but there was no snow reported.

The day after Christmas was one of the warmest on record.  The temperature reached 54 degrees that afternoon.  The nighttime temperature only dropped to the low 40s.

The weather remained warm but clouds moved in on Tuesday (December 27, 1949) and it rained
                                                                                     most of the day.

And that was as bad as the weather got over Christmas break in 1949.  The rain passed by the next day, the sun came back out, and the pleasant, unseasonably mild, weather returned.  It was nice weather for dating and frequent trips back and forth between Southampton and Riverhead.

The snow shovels remained untouched in the Price's garage on Cooper Street.  Some years you get lucky.

Thanks to Weather Underground for their excellent historic weather data!

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