Saturday, December 11, 2010

Please No More Postponements!

Saturday, December 10, 1949

20 Cooper St.
Southampton, NY

Dear June:

Sometimes I wonder what kind of school this Traphagen is!  One morning you’re late, then you’re reading “Look” Magazine in class and painting Picassos when you should be drawing fashion.

Please no more postponements.  I couldn’t take another one.  You know what my plans for Thursday night are!

Still life by Art Price.
Smitty (of “Smitty’s”) was in the store today and I asked him about New Years at his restaurant.  I’m sorry to say the whole place has been hired for a private party.  He’s guaranteed 90 dinners and 80 quarts of champagne whether anyone comes or not so you can’t blame him.  Last year, he had 90 reservations.  Because of bad weather, only 50 showed up – so he lost his shirt.  We’ll just have to make some other plans I guess.  With you, I know I’ll have a swell time anywhere.

I went to the movies last night and then saw a good fight on television.  All the boys were out – Joe, Bruno, Farmer, and Singer.  Bruno told me he talked to Jane on the telephone when he called Mary.  Apparently, Jane has really arrived, with three trunks.  Sounds just like her.  I had a few beers at the Anchorage and was home about one.

Do you realize I’m going almost three weeks without you?  I miss you more and more all the time.  In fact, don’t be too surprised if I pop up someday.  You never can tell.

Love and Kisses,


(Tonight – Van Gogh at the Met.)

© 2010 Lee Price

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