Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh! for a Good Night Kiss...

Western scene, pencil drawing by Art Price.

Monday, December 5, 1949

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June:

As you can see I got home okay and didn’t have to stop for a nap.  I got home sometime around two.

I’m still thinking about yesterday.  It’s going to be hard to stay in town these next two weekends but I guess I’ll have to.  I kept my promise and didn’t read your last letter till this noon.  I enjoyed it almost as much as ever, even though you had already told me everything.

I didn’t go out tonight, but may go to the movies tomorrow to see that Technicolor musical Oh You Beautiful Doll with June Haver.  Since I don’t work on Wednesday maybe I’ll see if the boys are around afterward.  Don’t worry.  I’ll take it easy.

I didn’t lose any friends by sneaking off to the city.  Bruno guessed that’s where I went.  He says he has no reason to go there now anyway.

I hope Evie has all her men straightened out by now.  If she can get a date for you, go ahead – but you’ll have to allow me to be a little jealous.  Jealousy is an awful thing, but I have a feeling I might be anyway.

I hope you call me Wednesday.  I can only think of one thing better than talking to you on my birthday – and that would be you in person.

Maybe I’m more tired than I thought.  I’ll say so long now.  Oh! for a good night kiss,

Lots of love,


(Tomorrow – June doodles for Art.)

© 2010 Lee Price

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