Friday, December 17, 2010

Still Life with Girdle

Friday, December 16, 1949

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City

Dear Art,

About half an hour ago I began to get bored.  I took a soft pencil, a kneaded rubber eraser, and a piece of paper about 5” x 7” in hand and proceeded to do my first still life.  I got in the dirty chair, the lamp that doesn’t work and the dying ivy in the corner.  The crooked furniture of my picture didn’t quite catch the impression of this room so I added Shirl’s girdle over the arm of the chair.  Made it much more homey.  I’m not sure if she appreciated it.

Fashion sketch by
June Anderson.
Shirl did homework tonight.  In lettering class, the assignment was to make an envelope for a store – you know, the little paper bags with flaps that they put stockings, ties, etc. in?  Well, we had to make up a store name and design for our envelope.  Shirl had done it twice before and wasn’t pleased with her results.  So she sat down tonight to do it for the third and last time.  At last she finished.  Picking it up to examine it, she announced that she was pleased with the results, then all at once let out a loud groan.  She had put everything on upside down!  The flap was on the bottom.  How we laughed!  Poor Shirl.

We had life class this morning, and I did my best drawing (charcoal) of this term.  At least in my opinion.  And I finally went to that draping class this afternoon!  What’s more, I finished draping and cutting a French lining on my cute little size 14 dummy, which is bigger by far than me.  Anyway, all I have to do is baste this creation together, and I’ll do that here before Christmas.  Everybody had better get busy before I catch up with them!

Evita, the little baby, came in to visit us tonight.  She had on clean clothes and shoes, and was very cute.  Her mother wasn’t around so she let me take her by the hand and lead her around.  For the first time I saw her walk!!  She kept toppling over with a smile on her face that would change to one of amazement.

Study of children's growth
by June Anderson.
Evita found our red rug, sat down on it and talked her head off.  She was fascinated by the rug.  Guess it takes a child to appreciate it!  For someone who doesn’t like children, I act pretty silly, don’t I?

We have classes Monday and Tuesday but the few kids who are planning to stay expect to do nothing.  Sit around, gossip, say goodbye as they leave, maybe have a party.

What do you think about Bruno?  Do you think he forgot where he parked the car?

Remember the story about the Chinese girl whose lover was sent away in the Army?  She missed him so she wrote him a letter so long it was a book?  He broke the engagement because she must talk too much.  Reminds me of me!  But I’m in the mood to write today.

The days are creeping by, but soon it will be Thursday night and I’ll be in your car or, even better, in your arms.

All my love,


(Tomorrow – the worst day not to get mail.)

© 2010 Lee Price

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