Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Night at the Methodist Men's Club

Friday, December 2, 1949

20 Cooper St.
Southampton, NY

Dear June:

I’m writing this letter even though I may see you before you get it.  If the weather’s bad and I don’t make it, you’ll still get mail anyway.

I just got home from the Methodist Men’s Club a little while ago.  It was a very nice meeting and dinner.  Your minister, Mr. Boyle, was the speaker.  Didn’t stop down street afterward either. I’m planning to take it easy Saturday night too because I want to get off early Sunday.  So far none of the boys know I’m going.

I’m going to make this a short letter.  If I don’t see you Sunday, I’ll phone anyway.  Sorry I’ve been so vague about the weekend.  If I decide definitely to go, I’ll come rain, snow, or earthquake.  So long now, be good, and finish your homework before Sunday please!

                                       Lots of love,


(Tomorrow – an unsent letter from June.)

© 2010 Lee Price

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