Thursday, August 4, 2011

Six Months Today

With the wedding tentatively scheduled for September 1, 1951, Art decided to address a long-standing health problem.  He was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in New York City on June 12 for an operation to address the pain in his left knee.

Thursday, June 14, 1951

126 Lincoln Street
Riverhead, NY

Dear Art,

When you receive this letter you will be all finished your operation, thank goodness.  And I will be in to see you soon after.  I’m looking forward to seeing you so much, darling.

I’m glad you had a visitor the other night.  The only part I didn’t care for was that she was a tall single blonde.  Don’t get carried away just because you’re out of my sight!

I went to the movies tonight and kept missing you sitting beside me.  Along the Great Divide – that cowboy picture with Kirk Douglas – was alright, but Smuggler’s Island had so many double crosses in it that it didn’t make any sense at all!

Tomorrow you will finally have the operation over with.  Your mother has promised to call as soon as she hears news.  I’ll be waiting.  It’s six months today that we’ve been engaged, darling.*  I love you so much – I’m sorry I can’t tell you how much over the phone like I would in person.  But I have the rest of my life to tell you that – I can wait a short while.

I hope the cast goes on so it won’t rub your leg.  If it doesn’t feel right, let the nurses or doctor know right away.  They’ll take care of you.

I can’t think of any more advice to give you, darling, so I’ll go to bed now.  I’ll be in Sunday to push your hair back and hold your hand.

All my love,


* This reference clears up our earlier uncertainty about the engagement date.  Apparently, June and Art became engaged on December 14, 1950.

(For Saturday – The operation.)

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