Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Operation

Presbyterian Hospital.

Art had rheumatic fever as a young boy and it had left him with a knee that would sometimes swell and feel very sore.  This operation was triggered by one of these swelling episodes.  While the operation could have taken place at the Southampton Hospital, Art’s family doctor was concerned that the local hospital didn’t have the facilities for him to get a good round of physical therapy following the operation.  The doctor recommended Presbyterian Hospital.

The operation took place at Presbyterian Hospital on Friday, June 15, 1951.  The doctors opened up the knee and drained a lot of fluid.  They didn’t find anything else of concern.  Deciding that a cast was unnecessary, the doctors recommended that Art use crutches for a month or two.  This would mean that he would be off the crutches by September 1, the date tentatively scheduled for their wedding.

In the meantime, Art was scheduled for approximately ten days of physical therapy at Presbyterian Hospital as he recovered.

(Tomorrow – Shopping for a wedding gown.)

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