Tuesday, August 23, 2011

House for Rent

Nine days until the wedding!  June and Art concludes on September 1, 2011.

With Art out of the hospital and quickly recovering, June and Art made a firm commitment to September 1, 1951 as their wedding date.  Final arrangements were made with the Riverhead United Methodist Church.  They planned for an afternoon wedding at the church followed by a reception at June’s parent’s house on Lincoln Street in Riverhead.

Meanwhile in Southampton, the owner of the house next to Art’s parents decided to put the house up for rent.  He asked for just $20 a month, which was very reasonable at the time.  June loved the idea of renting the house at 26 Cooper Street and thought the little five-room home was “adorable.”

Art agreed to rent the property very shortly after getting out of the hospital.  While still on crutches, he painted the whole interior.  It would be all ready for them to move into when they returned from their honeymoon in Quebec and Montreal.

(Tomorrow – The wedding invitations.)

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