Sunday, August 7, 2011

First, a Wedding Gown...

With the wedding tentatively scheduled for September 1, 1951, Art decided to address a long-standing health problem in June.  He was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and underwent an operation on June 15 to address the pain in his left knee.

Friday, June 15, 1951

126 Lincoln Street
Riverhead, NY

Dear Art,

Fashion illustration by
June Anderson.
I am so glad it is finally over darling – and so happy you are not in a cast!  I haven’t heard many details yet about your operation, but it seems to be the best we hoped for.  If all they have to give you is a treatment for an infection – that’s very good.  I’ll see you tomorrow and hope to hear a little more. 

Tomorrow, Mother and I are going in to buy a wedding gown first and then come to visit you.  I hope your mother doesn’t think I’m being too selfish thinking about the wedding when you are still sick in the hospital.  But darling, I feel that it’s for both of us, really – and it’s a symbol that you will be well soon.  It will be a concrete fact that will make the time pass a little easier till you are back in my arms.  I love you, darling – so much.  It’s also a wonderful excuse to get me in to see you a day earlier than we had planned, Saturday now as well as Sunday.

I’m so eager to see you, darling.  You probably won’t be in the mood to entertain but all I want to do is to sit near you and know you are alright.

All my love,


(For Tuesday – The worst is over.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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