Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Anderson Joyful Crier

Five days until the wedding!  June and Art concludes on September 1, 2011.

June’s friends Kay Atkins and Marie Murray prepared this roast-style mock press release for June’s wedding shower on June 26, 1951:

E  X  T  R  A


Editors:  Kay Atkins and Marie Murray

Riverhead, New York
June 26, 1951

Decorations from the
wedding shower on
June 26, 1951.
The first social event honoring Miss June Anderson will be given this evening at 126 Lincoln Street by friends of the bride.  Miss Anderson, only daughter of Theodore and Maud Anderson, will be married in the Methodist Church of Riverhead on September 1, 1951 to Arthur Price of Southampton.

The editors, interviewing the parents of the bride-to-be, learned many interesting facts which they will try to relate to you.

Twenty-two years ago last January 25, Miss June, a bouncing baby weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces, was born.  From that moment on, she ruled the household.  Her parents followed her first year with much interest.  At four months, June showed them her first tooth.  At six months, she created a major disturbance by swallowing a pacifier which thereby did more than keep her from crying.  (Need I say June’s parents never complained when she cried after that?)

June was a typical child when taken anywhere by her parents.  She wanted something when she went into the stores.  Parasols intrigued her.  One day in Charlottesville, Va., when her father was acting as nursemaid, she played tag, running up and down the rows of seats in the theater.

At five, June entered Kindergarten and celebrated by pulling the buttons off her teacher’s dress.  When she was in Second Grade, her parents moved to Riverhead and here she finished her Elementary and Secondary Education.  Through school, June showed much love for music, dancing and art.  At dancing school, she won a blue ribbon while circling the floor with Charlie McCabe.  Other blue ribbons were won on the athletic field in the High Jumping events.

Five years ago this fall, June left our town for Providence, Rhode Island where she entered Pembroke College.  Later she transferred to Traphagen School of Fashion where she was an outstanding student.  During this past year, some of her work in the field of Design has been shown to many interested people in the United States.

Now we are up to the summer of ’51, one of much excitement in the Anderson Home.  The bride has purchased her dress;  the bridegroom is successfully recuperating from an operation and time is marching on towards September 1.

The Weather Bureau predicts local showers tonight, but much fair weather and sunshine in the future.

(Tomorrow – The shower transcript.)

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