Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News from Shirl

With the wedding tentatively scheduled for September 1, 1951, Art decided to address a long-standing health problem in June.  He was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and underwent an operation on June 15 to address the pain in his left knee.

Monday, June 18, 1951

126 Lincoln Street
Riverhead, NY

Dear Art,

It was honestly a thrill to have you call me today, darling.  I felt so happy after hearing that you were able to get up.  I’m proud of you, darling – almost walking!  And only 24 and a half at that!

Your mother said she’d call me tomorrow.  I hope you will have some news about your infection (that’s what it is, isn’t it?) and the treatment.  If you don’t know the details yet, I’ll practice being patient.  You have been so wonderful about the operation and getting better that I won’t let this worry me yet.

Molly Goldberg, star of
The Goldbergs.
I just took a few minutes off to see the end of Molly Goldberg’s program on television.  They finally got the tall skinny niece married off – even had the wedding ceremony on the screen.  I want to plan for ours now, darling.

I received a letter from Shirl saying that she couldn’t be a bridesmaid because she was getting married in August – but she would love to come to the wedding.  So I called her tonight and she said she’s planning to get married either the 19 or 26 of August.  I told her that if she marries before my wedding she could be my Matron of Honor.  She thinks the idea is swell – although she thought my mother would be that.  I guess that’s how Jewish weddings
work.  So it looks like I’ll have Shirl in the wedding – I’ll know very soon.  She gave me her dress size.

Oh, darling, it was so nice to see you over the weekend.  I love you so much.  I’ll see you this weekend again.  It feels like it’ll be a long time till then – but we’ll be together again soon, sweetheart.

All my love,


(Tomorrow – Exercise 100 times an hour.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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