Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Well Cards

With the wedding tentatively scheduled for September 1, 1951, Art decided to address a long-standing health problem in June.  He was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and underwent an operation on June 15 to address the pain in his left knee.

Thursday, June 21, 1951

Presbyterian Hospital
168th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY

Dear June:

You’ve heard the news:  I’ll sure be glad to get home Monday.  The sooner I’ve got you in my arms again the better.  I love you, darling.

I’m sure now that we’ll be getting married the first of September.  Gee, that’s only about two months and a week away.  I’ve got to get busy when I get home.

I watched baseball on TV this afternoon and the rest of the time I read or roamed around.  I’ve been getting lots of get well cards.  Did I tell you the grocery store across the street from Rod’s sent me a fruit basket?

I’ll call you tomorrow, darling.  I miss you very much, sweetheart.  Be good now.

All my love,


A get well card from some of Art's friends and neighbors in Southampton,
including George and Shirley Hudson, Helen Hudson, Hazel Halsey,
and June Halsey.

(Tomorrow – Too bad you have to come home by train.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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