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What Happened on Saturday Night

“I promise to take it easy tomorrow night.”
                                                                      Art Price
                                                                      Letter to June Anderson, March 24, 1950

Art didn’t keep that promise.  He had a memorable evening out on the town on Saturday, March 25, 1950.  Figuring out exactly what occurred that night is a little difficult since the references in the letters are somewhat elliptical, sometimes referring to phone conversations where more was obviously discussed.

Apparently that Saturday night was one of those times when long-simmering emotions boil over changing the social landscape.  Couples broke up and new couples formed, things were said that probably shouldn’t have been said, new alliances were made, and confidences were shared or withheld.  As Art wrote:

“I knew there was a lot of intrigue and backstabbing going on Saturday night, but I found out today I didn’t hear the half of it.”
                                                                      Art Price
                                                                      Letter to June Anderson, March 28, 1950

Bruno Marcincuk

Of Art’s friends, usually referred to as “the boys,” Bruno Marcincuk, Joe Cerullo, and Walter “Singer” Hoinski were definitely present.  The girls with them included Mary Moynihan, Helen Darby, and Jane Hastings.  These were some of June and Art’s best friends, most of them probably present at the party where they had met back on May 30, 1949.

Despite his denials, Bruno was still interested in reviving his old relationship with Mary – or at least he was before the night started.  By the next
day, neither Mary nor Helen were speaking to him.
Joe Cerullo
Joe had been getting up nerve to ask Jane to a dance.  But something must have happened Saturday night because Jane ended up with a date with Singer on Sunday.

Art was just an innocent bystander.  June teases him about being around all this activity but her worries seem minor.  Even though she writes, “On Friday night, I expect some quick talking,” it’s pretty obvious that she fully trusts Art and is somewhat amused by the goings-on, perhaps most upset about missing all the fireworks.

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