Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Big Kiss

Tuesday, April 18, 1950

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

Fashion illustration by June Anderson.
I’m still thinking about the dance.  I kind of shocked myself after the dance, kissing you in front of everybody like I did.  I never thought I would do anything like that.  But I wasn’t going to see you for such a long time.  And darling, I’m glad I did.  I had a wonderful time – I really did. 

Are you sure there were other people with us?  It seems like I just saw you.  But maybe that’s because you’re all I cared about seeing.  That must mean I’m really in love with you, mustn’t it?  And if you don’t believe it – well, darling, just come up and see me sometime.

We had a swell time at Jane’s house last night.  I love that living room of hers.  It’s so nice and cozy.  (Wouldn’t it be nice to have one like that all to ourselves?)  Anyway, while we were there, Shirl and I and June and Betty decided to take an apartment together this summer.  Their other roommate doesn’t finish school until June 18, so that means that Shirl and I will keep this place until that time and then we’ll all move together.  We ought to be able to
afford quite a nice place (or at least almost a nice place) with the money we chip in.  So there’ll be no room hunting this weekend.  I guess I’ll have to do some homework instead.

I still don’t like Mary though.  Helen seems very nice, but I couldn’t ever room with someone like Mary.  After you left, she came in and bawled us out for making so much noise.  Then when she woke us up in the morning, she scolded Jane again for the same thing.  Jane didn’t say anything but I wish she had.  I think she should have acted more courteous since we were guests.  By the way, Jane thinks Mary will marry within a year.  On the other hand, she doesn’t expect Helen to.

By the way, you were slightly right about Jane.  She had a (as she puts it) mad crush on Singer last year, but got over it during the summer.  When she came back to Southampton, she hadn’t seen Joe for so long that she developed a crush on him.  But it’s definitely gone now.  The dance ended that.

I’ll miss you this weekend, dear.  Take good care of yourself when it comes rolling around.  Don’t go off on too much of a rampage with the boys.  Darling, I love you.

All my love,


(Tomorrow – so much news.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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