Monday, April 11, 2011

A Lovely Easter Vacation

Monday, April 10, 1950

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

Sketch by June Anderson.

Art, darling, I still can’t get over what a wonderful time I had this vacation.  It was beautiful.  I feel sorry for all the other kids whose vacations surely couldn’t even begin to compare with my lovely one.

This is just a note to let you know I arrived back in the city safely this morning.  Shirl is here, too.  When I got home from school today I didn’t even feel sleepy.  Shirl and I went out to eat at five and then I thought it would be nice to go to the movies.  We came back to the room to decide on the movie, but I happened to lie down on the couch and fell right asleep for about three hours.  Then I got up, put on my pajamas, washed my face, made my bed (new sheets), and now I’m ready to tumble in.  Just as soon as I finish this letter.

In regard to sleep, I hope you’ll behave just about the same as I did tonight.

I love you very much, darling.  I’ll write more tomorrow.

All my love,


(Tomorrow – report from Southampton.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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