Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blame the Post Office

Thursday, April 13, 1950

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

I waited until now to write in hopes I could tell you how the picture turned out and answer your morning letter.  Well, I didn’t get a letter this morning and the picture won’t be finished till this afternoon.

I’ll blame not getting a letter on the post office department for now.  I’d better get one this afternoon though!  If you don’t write to me ---- !!!!

Anyway I still love you very much, darling.  This has been my morning off.  I slept late then went out and got a haircut.  Yesterday, I put the car in the garage to get tuned up, greased etc. – all ready for this weekend.  I finished John Hersey’s The Wall last night then went to bed fairly early.

Pencil sketch by Art Price.
As far as I know Joe hasn’t made that phone call yet.  If I see him tonight maybe I’ll drag him into the phone booth.

I think I’ll go across the street now and see how the baby is.  Remember me to Shirl.  See you Friday night, sweetheart.  Till then I love you very much.

Lots of love,


(For Monday – safely home from Brooklyn.)

© 2011 Lee Price


  1. Any idea who "the baby" is? Peter, maybe?

  2. The baby that Art mentions is Peter Lawrence, son of Ray and Gertrude Lawrence. Gertrude (known as "Nin") was a younger sister of Art's mother. The family lived across the street. There's no indication that the baby in the sketch is Peter.