Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unusual Artwork for Art

Although Art rarely expressed any criticisms in his letters to June, he seems to have been somewhat frustrated with his evening art lessons at the Partida School of Arts, located at 18 Cameron Street in Southampton.  His natural style was realistic and his palette tended to be muted.  His favorite subjects were landscapes and seascapes.

It appears that his teachers at the Partida School of Arts pushed him to try new approaches in his art.  Today’s entry highlights two artworks that are unlike any of his other surviving pieces.

The first is this allegorical oil painting that comments upon war and culture.

Oil painting by Art Price.

The second is this dramatic pencil sketch that suggests a man’s death at sea.

Pencil sketch by Art Price, homework for the Partida School of Art.

Both may indeed be personal reflections upon Art’s Navy experiences as a quartermaster third class on minesweepers in the South Pacific.  But they represent styles and approaches that he tried once, and never returned to.

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  1. Came upon your post while searching for information on the Partida Gallery and School of Arts located in Southampton NY. I found a brochure for this among my Mother's paperwork. Looks like it is from the 1940's or so. Address 18 Cameron St. Southampton NY. As my Mother was a ballerina and excelled in art and lived in Southampton she may have attended. It lists the tution costs for the sessions such as 4 weeks for $5.00.