Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleeping to Make the Time Pass

Detailed drawing of stitching by June Anderson.

Thursday, April 27, 1950

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

Fashion illustration by
June Anderson.
Sweetheart, don’t worry about me.  I’m sorry I get moody and fuss about it to you.  Besides, if I can’t get along less than two weeks without you, it’s just too bad for me.  I know I have to get used to it.

The time is passing so slowly.  Ted and Shirl are out on a date tonight.  I think Shirl and I may have changed our minds and decided to move again.  But I can’t swear to it so I won’t say anymore about it.

This is my last letter before I leave, darling.  I love you and I’ll enlarge upon that statement this weekend.

Darling, it’s five minutes to one now and I’m ready to go to bed.  Shirl’s here.  I did some homework – quite a bit and that makes me feel pretty good.  I’m going to bed now.  The more I sleep, the quicker the time passes till I see you again.  I love you, darling.

All my love,


(For Monday – a rose-tinted world.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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