Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking Back on a Wonderful Week

Watercolor by Art Price.

Tuesday, April 11, 1950

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

Darling, it was a wonderful week, wasn’t it?  I do love you so very much.  One evening gone already, just a few more till I see you again.  Be sure and get lots of sleep this week and don’t forget to write to me.

No news to tell you.  I got to work before the boss this morning (that wasn’t very early).  Joe came in the store just before 6.  He hasn’t phoned Jane yet.  I hope he does it tonight.  Bruno was in bad shape today.  He had a tough day yesterday, I guess.  I started reading The Wall again early in the evening and now I’ve almost finished it.  Nothing more to tell you, darling, except that I miss you more than ever tonight.  I love you, I love you, I love you, my sweetheart.

Lots of love,


(Tomorrow – June's alone while Shirl's out with Ted)

© 2011 Lee Price


  1. I like that watercolor. It's very "Saludos Amigos".

  2. Yeah, it is like the vibrant colors in Disney's "Saludos Amigos" and "The Three Caballeros"! I love that tropical look. It's quite a change from Art's usual muted palette.