Saturday, May 28, 2011

Unveiling the Cape

June in her self-designed blue-and-white checked cape.

In March 1950, June undertook one of her most ambitious Traphagen projects – designing and creating a blue-and-white checked cape.

After school, Shirl and I are going to look for some cloth for my cape.  If we find it, we’ll probably cut it out that night.”
       June Anderson
       Letter to Art Price, March 21, 1950

“After school, Shirl and I went down to Hester Street today to buy material.  She bought material for some dresses.  I bought the fabric for my cape.  People will turn to look when I come along in my big checks.  Have you ever seen a checkerboard horse blanket?  Well, that’s what I have – in blue and white!  I don’t care what people think – I like it.  We already cut out the pattern tonight.  It was loads of fun.”
       June Anderson
       Letter to Art Price, March 22, 1950

Well, I called up Daddy today and told him the bad news – that I bought some expensive cloth for my cape.  He was very sweet about it – didn’t yell my head off…  Both Shirl and I have been working on the cape tonight.  We’re tired now.”
                                                                                   June Anderson
                                                                                   Letter to Art Price, March 23, 1950

The cape became one of June’s favorite possessions.  After finishing the cape, she wore it often.  We don’t know what other people thought of it – or if they really did turn to look when the big-checked cape passed by – but it’s obvious that June wore it with pride.

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