Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to Cook Potatoes

Fashion illustration
by June Anderson.

Wednesday, May 10, 1950

112 West 86th Street
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

Well, darling, we cooked our first meal in the new apartment tonight and I still feel alright.  Shirl made most of it – I had to stay after school for quick sketch.  But I supervised the cooking of the potatoes – she wanted to take them off when I came in, but I made her leave them on for 15 more minutes.  They came out just about right.  Just listen to me brag!  And wait till tomorrow – when I’m supposed to do most of the cooking!

Really the only trouble here is that they’ve turned off the heat already.  It gets really cold at night.  I hope hot weather comes quick.  Aside from that, this place really is cozy and homey.  I’d like you to come in sometime to see it.

I was talking to June O’Neal today. She kind of frightened me.  I found out she’d been going out with a boy for over a year and they were pretty serious, too.  Yet they broke up.  After such a long time, too.  I hope, darling, I’m in no danger of having that happen to me.

Shirl’s out with Ted – they are still going strong.  I’ve been here alone for about two hours and haven’t done a thing, just listening to the radio and reading.  I really must do some work now.  I’m way behind.

They just finished playing “My Love Loves Me”* on the radio.  Do you, darling?

Don’t forget – I’ll be home on Friday and waiting for you.  Oh, darling, why does the week have to be so long – and the weekend so short?  I miss you so.

All my love,


* The link is to a version by Anita Carter, a member of the famous Carter family.  She began recording in 1950 so June may have heard Carter on the radio.  It’s more likely that she heard a version by Fran Warren that appears to have been popular in the late 1940s.  Nevertheless, Carter’s version is so beautiful that I have no qualms about linking to it. 

(Tomorrow – I only know I love you.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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