Thursday, May 19, 2011

Long Distance Kisses

Thursday, May 18, 1950

112 West 86th Street
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

It’s awful to go several days without hearing from you.  I’ll certainly be looking for a letter tonight.  I hope you get my first letter soon.  I didn’t mail it till noon yesterday.  I had it in my pocketbook all morning, but had forgotten stamps for it.

They played “If I loved You”* over the radio earlier tonight.  It was a beautiful arrangement and put me in a romantic mood.  Darling, I do love you – and I guess that’s all that really matters.  If you were with me tonight, you might have to fight to tear yourself away from me!  Woof!!!

Shirl’s out with Ted and I’ve been doing homework all evening.  And that’s after working a long day at school, too.  I’m trying very hard to finish in time, but gee, I didn’t realize how much I had to do!  I’m afraid I may not be able to go out with you on Sunday afternoon, darling.  I may have too much to do.

Letterings by June Anderson.
I have to go back to work again now.  There’s nothing new to tell you anyway.  Just the same old thing – I love you and miss you very much.  Now I must go back to lettering.  I’ll be waiting for you Friday.  So, with long distance kisses I say –

All my love,


*The arrangement of "If I loved You" that June heard was probably the one released in May 1950 by Dinah Washington with Teddy Stewart's Orchestra.  I don't have a link to that, but here's Dinah Washington singing "What a Difference a Day Makes," her first top 10 pop hit from 1959.

(For Saturday – a mysterious picture by June.)

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