Friday, January 7, 2011

Everything Was Just Perfect

Art and June on a date in New York City, early 1950s but later than
the letters.

Sixty-one years ago, June and Art wrote letters that were filled with anticipation of their upcoming date on Saturday night in New York City.  When visiting the city, Art would often find an inexpensive hotel to spend the night and then meet up with June again on Sunday morning.  He would return to Southampton on Sunday evening.

The romance in these letters is all in the anticipation.  They are always building up toward that moment when June and Art will be together – but, of course, there’s no letter writing when they’re together.

It’s always a treat when the letters offer even a brief glimpse of the nature of a June and Art date in the big city:

“By the way, did I tell you I had a lovely evening with you?  The dinner, the play, the Plantation bar, and you – everything was just perfect.”

“How I enjoyed yesterday!  Walking through Central Park, down Fifth Avenue, the ice show, Times Square – even walking in the rain.  I only hope you had half as good a time.”

“My car is all set, raring to go.  I got it greased, oil changed, tanks filled, etc. today.  I haven’t had a drink since our Saturday date and you know I don’t drive fast.  As for the beautiful girls, I hope to see a real special one this weekend.”

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