Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Good Behavior

Thursday, January 19, 1950

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

This will just be a short note.  I hope you’ll get this early tomorrow.

Homework for Partida School of Arts
by Art Price.  (Detail of textures at
top of today's entry.)
I was in Riverhead yesterday to get my new license plates.  I didn’t stop at your house though.  It was getting late and I wanted to get home and get the plates on before dark.  I went to Partida’s Art School last night, had a pretty good lesson, and came home right after.  I’m certainly on good behavior, aren’t I?

Tonight I’ll see the new Mickey Rooney movie.  And tomorrow night you’ll be in my arms and I’ll be in heaven.

Take care of yourself.  I love you.

Lots of love,


(On Saturday, celebrating June turning 21.) 

© 2011 Lee Price

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