Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And I Love You

It’s right in the middle of June’s letter from this past Wednesday.

“Shirl has been very lonesome.  I cheered her up.  I can’t figure out how but she says I did cheer her up – and I love you.  I know that’s an odd place to put that statement, but it looks so lonesome starting off a paragraph.  And I do love you.  (Italics added.)

This is from the first letter of the correspondence following the two-week Christmas break and it appears to suggest that June and Art have moved forward in their relationship.  Granted there have been some very sweet declarations of pretty intense fondness (“Six long days and five even longer evenings till you’re in my arms again.  I didn’t know I could miss anyone this much.”  “I don’t think I’ll send kisses.  I’m saving them for delivery in person.”  “I like you sweet as you are.”  “Oh! for a good night kiss.”  “Even the Museum of Natural History isn’t as nice as you.”)

And they have consistently signed their letters with the “love” word:

“All my love,”
“Lots of love,”
“Loads of love,”
“Love and kisses,”
“Love, (even a kiss or two)”
“Love (lots),”

Nevertheless, June’s letter on January 4 may well represent a turning point – the first time that June wrote “I love you” to Art.  It’s another sign of the deepening of their relationship.

Thanks to my wife Lisa for pointing out that this was the first “I love you” in the letters.  I had missed it!

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  1. And I also noticed that your dad's (Art's)letter which would have crossed in the mail with that one did the same thing.