Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Fight Broke Out

Art in uniform, circa 1945.
While Art’s attendance at the Partida School of Arts in Southampton was somewhat erratic, his work appears to have been appreciated by his teacher Elena Partida.  Two of Art's pictures from this time may give some indication as to the influence of the Partida School on his work.

Art watched a fight break out about ship while in the Navy and it made a lasting impression on him.  We don’t know when he attempted to capture the fight in his art the first time.  He may have sketched it minutes afterward, while taking a break from his work as Quartermaster, Third Class, on a minesweeper in the South Pacific.  Or this first version that we have dated September 21, 1949 may have been his first, done entirely from memory.

The fight, first version by Art Price.

Art returned to this image again while still at the Partida School.  With the second picture, Art has significantly changed his approach, aiming to capture the color and feel of the moment.  The sudden violence is emphasized.  The people are more varied in their responses (in fact, they're different people!) and the action more brutal.  I love the breaking table!

The fight, second version, watercolor by Art Price.

Art continued attending art classes at the Partida School of Arts throughout his courtship with June.

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