Saturday, January 22, 2011

June Turning 21

June returned home this weekend, 61 years ago, and her impending 21st birthday was certainly on her mind.  Born in Patchogue, Long Island on January 25, 1929, she had grown to be a charming young woman, artistically talented and very in love.

June at two months, 1929.

June in Patchogue, circa 1934.

“I used to play with toys and dolls, but my favorite thing was using my imagination.  Things like being the Jungle Princess.  That was half my young life.  I used to love to climb trees.  There was one tree that we called the Candy Factory Tree.  It was in the back of the factory yard right near my house, and it was this beautiful big tree that I could climb.  While all the kids enjoyed climbing it, I was up near the top nearly all the time.  And I just loved it.  Of course, I wanted to rule the roost and so I was the Jungle Princess.”
-- from June’s recordings of family stories, 2003

June with her brother Ted, circa 1939.

June, circa 1941.

June (sixth from right) played cello in the Riverhead
High School orchestra, photo taken circa 1945.

June in her late teens, circa 1947.

(On Monday, lonesome in the city.)
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