Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Mystery Letter

Filling in with some background information during a letter-writing hiatus from December 20, 1949 to January 5, 1950, as June enjoys Christmas break at home (with frequent dates with Art)…

June wrote the following letter and even prepared an envelope for it.  But unlike the other letters, there’s no stamp on the envelope or a cancellation.  It appears to have been written but never sent.

At the top of the letter, June wrote Thursday but it remains difficult to place this letter on a June-Art timeline.  It refers to Historic Research homework, which she completed before she left for Christmas vacation.  Also, it mentions a lovely date with Art (dinner, a Broadway play, and drinks at the Plantation bar).  But there aren't enough clues to conclusively tag this date as occuring either the weekend of December 3 or 10 (the most likely suspects).  It could be either, or it might be another date altogether.

Here’s the mystery letter:

Thurs. – 10:15 p.m.

Dear Art,

All illustrations from
Historic Research homework
by June Anderson.
I’m disgusted with myself!  I’ve been in this room over four hours and have just about done no homework.  And I have so much of it!  I have to do watercolor and print, and a velvet dress layout, finish five problems, letter two signs, paint two print gowns for Methods, and finish historic research – all before the end of the term.  Why don’t you be good, and memorize that list, so when I say, “I’m so confused – I can’t even think of what I have left to do anymore!” then you can just pop up and recite the whole list?

By the way, did I tell you I had a lovely evening with you?  The dinner, the play, the Plantation bar, and you – everything was just perfect.  I’ll miss you this weekend.

I’m still thinking over Kiss Me, Kate.  Maybe we just expected too much at the time.  When I look back, Alfred Drake was wonderful, Patricia Morison had a beautiful voice, Lisa Kirk sure could put over her main song, I loved Harold Lang’s dancing, and many parts of the play were real cute.

Don’t wear yourself out with the boys this weekend.  Be careful riding around in your car.  Did you have a hard time finding it?

All my love,


© 2011 Lee Price

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