Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Pause in the Correspondence

Following graduation, June left her apartment in New York City and returned home to Riverhead.  As with all June’s vacations and long weekends, there’s no June-Art correspondence when they’re seeing each other regularly.  As Art recently wrote:

“I’d rather see you than write.”
                                  Art Price
                                  Letter to June Anderson, May 15, 1950

Up until this point, the “June and Art” blog has maintained a posting schedule directly corresponding to their unfolding relationship (minus 61 years).  The final months of this limited duration blog (eleven months, from September 2010 to September 2011) will condense fifteen months (June 1950 – September 1951) into three.

There will be more letters – they just won’t follow the calendar as accurately as before.  Starting Monday, “June and Art” will leap forward one month to showcase their love letters of July-August 1950, covering the period when June returned to Manhattan that summer.

(For Monday – Manhattan job hunting.)

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