Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The One of You Is Beautiful

One of the few color photographs of June Anderson from
this time and possibly the picture referenced in the letter.

Wednesday, July 19, 1950

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

I went to Secunda’s art class tonight and laid the mural out on the wall.  I’ll start painting next week, I guess.  And I just found out I’m chairman of publicity for this barbecue next week.  So I’ve been on the telephone tonight finding out about posters, signs, advertising in the newspaper, etc.

Remember I had some color film in my camera quite a while ago.  I just got it back today.  The one of you is beautiful.  You’ll have to come over to the house to see it.

Well I haven’t heard from you, so I guess you haven’t found a job.  I still like the idea of your returning home but then I’m selfish, as you know.  I do love you so much, my darling.

It’s getting late so I guess I’ll “hit the sack.”  I haven’t heard from the reserve yet but my mother says she heard over the radio that the reserves were frozen for now.

Take care of yourself, sweetheart.  Be careful in the city.  Good night for now my love.

All my love,


(Tomorrow – forgot to write.)

© 2011 Lee Price

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