Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Weekend Agreement

June Anderson, circa 1950.
While the June and Art letters only obliquely refer to the situation, it gradually emerges that June and her roommate Shirley Stahl have an agreement regarding weekends.  Neither wants to be alone in the city apartment during a weekend.  If June decides to go home to see Art (or for any other reason), Shirl must go home, too.  And if Shirl stays in the city, June must stay.

It’s unclear if their main concern is safety or loneliness.  The letters raise both issues.  Also, various letters suggest that there is pressure from June’s parents, Shirl’s parents, and Art to keep to the agreement and not spend time alone in the city apartment.

The weekend negotiations often simmer in the background of the letters.  During this weekend, 61 years ago, Shirl announced that she had to go home for a weekend doctor’s appointment and this decision forced June to change her plans.  As June wrote on February 1, “I really don’t have much choice but to come home.”

While June obviously likes the idea of seeing Art as often as possible, there is frustration for her as well as she struggles to get back into the rhythm of work at her last semester at Traphagen School of Fashion.

(On Monday, leaky pens and pretzel spills.)

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