Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bruno With Stitches

Wednesday, February 1, 1950

20 Cooper Street
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

I received your Monday letter today.  It’s almost as good as having you here, but not quite.

Bruno Marcincuk.
Well, I saw Bruno today.  He looks pretty bad.  Face swollen, bandages above and below one eye with the lids all swollen and black and blue.  He’s really a sight.  He’s got seven stitches below his eye, five above it, and a few more on his head.  Otherwise he says he’s fine.  Joe is filling in for Bruno at the store now.

With Joe working, I get my half day off tomorrow.  But I have to go to the dentist again so won’t be able to sleep late.

I’m glad to hear you took it easy Monday and got some sleep.  Your Life teacher must have thought
you looked pretty bad.  You look awfully good to me though, sweetheart.

“Farmer” is in the hospital with appendicitis.  You know all about that type of problem!

I guess I won’t be going out with the boys this weekend.  Bruno’s out of circulation, Joe’s working, Farmer’s in the hospital, and Frank Hoffman’s in New York City.

I went to my art class tonight.  Partida’s new assistant is still teaching.  I seem to learn more from him than I do from Partida.  I didn’t come home from there till 10:30.  (I just did some counting.  Eight more evenings ahead of me before I see you again.  I hope I’ll last that long!)

I love you.  Take care of yourself.



(Tomorrow – More reports on Bruno.)
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  1. Poor Bruno. That sounds like a horrible accident. My sister called me to tell me that Farmer was mentioned again. We are glad to put a date to the time our dad had his appendix out. We heard about him being in the hospital to get his appendix out and interestingly enough it was not til 50 years later that he ever had to go to the hospital again, thankfully for something minor. P.S. My sister loves this blog, too.