Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life's That Way

Art sent this comic strip to June on February 26, 1950.  There was no accompanying letter.  Was there a precipitating incident?  Is there an implied threat?

UPDATE:  Mystery partially solved.  This clipping was not from Art!  Since it was included with all the other Art-penned letters, I assumed it was from him, too.  But the envelope above is postmarked "Lakewood, NJ," which is where Shirley Stahl's family lived.  I have no idea why Shirley's family sent this to June.

This explanation also accounts for another mystery that I didn't share.  The reverse side of the newsprint is entirely classified ads in Hebrew.  Since Shirl's family was Jewish, this isn't near as unusual as it first struck me.  So some of the pieces of this puzzle come together -- except for the pieces that would explain why it was sent to June and what precipitated sending it at all!

(Starting tomorrow – it'll be two letters a day for awhile as the correspondence heats up!)

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