Monday, November 29, 2010

A Late Night

Monday, November 28, 1949

12:20 A.M. (really Tuesday)

20 Cooper St.
Southampton, NY

Dear June,

Don’t jump to conclusions about the hour – I really wasn’t out with the boys!  I went to the second show tonight.  It was a very good picture as you know (Pinky).  I went to Gene’s afterward.  Frank Hoffman was there.  We’ve been sitting in front in my car talking.  You know “Footles” is quite a talker (how do you like that for a
nickname?).  I didn’t even have a beer tonight.

I hope you weren’t too late to school.  It was awfully nice to have that last evening though (and all the others were nice, too!).  I don’t imagine Shirl thought
much of another night alone, though.

Well this is one day over and that means less time to wait for you to come home again.  I won’t promise anything about the weekend.  We’ll see what happens.  Be good and don’t work too hard, write lots of letters, you know how I love them.

Lots of love,


(Tomorrow – June and Shirl fix up the new apartment.)

© 2010 Lee Price

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