Monday, November 1, 2010

The first New York apartment

During the school year before she met Art (and for one month in October 1949), June lived at 40 West 96th Street.  This was on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near Central Park (between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue).  She had four roommates, including her friends Jane Hastings and Shirley Stahl, a fellow Traphagen School of Fashion student.  They thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.  Jane was the friend who had insisted that June had to go to Helen Darby’s Memorial Day party where June met Art.

From this largely residential neighborhood, it was an easy commute to Traphagen.  They could catch the IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line subway at 96th Street and Columbus, just half a block from their apartment.  The subway would take them downtown, where they could get off at either the Columbus Circle exit at the southwest corner of Central Park, or the 50th Street exit.   Traphagen was located at 52nd and Broadway, a short walk from either exit.

(On Wednesday, Art and the boys…)

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