Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"I just about feel good!"

Tuesday, November 9, 1949

46 West 83rd Street, Apt. 7B
New York City

Dear Art,

I feel much better, in fact, I just about feel good!  Sh-h-h, don’t say it out loud.  It seems that I’m not too far behind in homework.  There’s plenty to be done, alright, but not as much as I feared.  The teachers told me that I could stay over part of Christmas to make up some work if I wanted.  Indeed I don’t!  I’d rather stay in June if need be.

I spent all yesterday in school.  At 4 p.m., we met Shirl’s friend Naida at the bus station.  After I called you we went to the Roxy and saw Everybody Does It.  I enjoyed it very much, but almost fell asleep just the same.  Then got back here and to bed, but of course Shirl and Naida wanted to talk so I didn’t get to sleep until after 1 a.m.  I’ve never been so tired in all my life.

14th century figures sketched on
tracing paper by June Anderson.
This morning, I was awakened at 9:00.  Seems I had to copy some figures at the Cloisters, up on 190th Street or so.  We ate, then took the subway there.  After arriving we had to walk about 10 blocks, up and down hills, then had to climb 5 staircases.  Coming back we took the bus for an hour over the bumpiest roads in New York, then walked down Fifth Avenue – the girls wanted to and I was tired beyond objection.

So that brings you up to now.  I’m going to eat supper and go right to bed – homework notwithstanding.  The teachers have been very nice.

Take care of yourself and all my love,


© 2010 Lee Price

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