Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Boys

Postcard of Main Street, Southampton.

Considering the subdued and abstemious nature of his family home, it’s mildly surprising that Art gravitated toward a wilder crowd when he went out at nights.  For the most part, he easily settled back into the calmer rhythms of Southampton following his time in the Navy.  But he had seen things in Shanghai and the Philippines that he had never imagined in his sheltered life in Southampton and the experience may have left him a little restless.

When Art went out at nights, he would usually meet up with his friends (called “the boys” in the letters) at various local bars.  If there was a party in town, someone in his circle would be sure to know.  These would be parties among the local residents – not the summer people.  There was little connection between the permanent residents and the Gatsby-like revels of the summer people.

Pen and ink drawing of
wine bottle by Art Price
for Pardita art class.
Joe Cerullo and Bruno Marcincuk were Art’s two closest friends at this time.  Bruno worked with Art at Roulston’s.  Other friends included Frank Hoffman, Jack Raynor, Walter “Singer” Hoinski, and Frank “Farmer” Stachecki.

June frequently expresses concern in the letters about Art drinking too much.  By nature, Art was not a heavy drinker but June’s concern was somewhat justified because there was much heavy drinking going on in the crowd that they ran in.  Art tended to be the reliable somewhat-more-sober one who might be tapped to drive friends home after a long night.

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  1. What a wonderful job you have done bringing your parents lives to light. I look forward to
    reading the posts and it really brings home the nostalgic Southampton we all loved and knew. Truly a work from the heart!