Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Job With the Phone Company

As noted earlier, June faced competing pressures when she returned to New York City during the summer of 1950.  June’s mother wanted her to aggressively launch a fashion career in New York City.  Art wanted June back in Riverhead.  Up until August 2, 1950,  June’s mother had the advantage.  But the situation changed with the robbery
of June’s apartment.

June’s father was a widely-respected employee at the Riverhead office of the New York Telephone Company – he was friendly, dependable, and the calm go-to person for handling any emergency.  After the robbery, he probably pulled some strings to position June for a job with the phone company, moving her out of the city as quickly as possible.  June’s mother’s ambitions for her
daughter’s career were stymied.

June took the phone company placement test, scored high enough to place out of standard operator duty, and landed a job in West Hampton.  Thanks to the robbery, Art’s wish came true.

June's father Theodore Anderson seated at the right at
a phone company meeting.

(Tomorrow – Goodbye to Shirley.)

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