Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dinner at the Windmill

“Last night, I went to the movies with Frank Hoffman.  Then he and I and Joe Cerullo watched wrestling at the Anchorage for awhile then went to the Polish Hall and saw the rest of the boys there.  Then to Peter’s, took Frank home, and out to Julie’s with Joe.  We stopped at Pete’s again on the way back and met Bruno, Farmer, and Singer there.  Then back to the Windmill to eat, and finished the night at the Hampton Bays Diner.  Finally got home at 4 in the morning.  I stuck to beer all night.  Today I discovered a small dent in my rear fender opposite the driver side.  That’s what I get for parking outside of gin mills!”
                                                                       Art Price
                                                                       Letter to June Anderson, Dec. 19, 1949
                                                                       (Bold emphasis added.)

Located at the intersection of Windmill Lane and Hill Street (Jobs Lane), the Windmill Restaurant was a popular restaurant near Agawam Park (across from the cannon).  Although this is the only time that the Windmill is specifically identified in the letters, the casual mention suggests it was well known to everyone.

Let’s turn back the clock and take a closer look... 

Here’s an exterior shot of the Windmill Restaurant, dating to the time of the letters:

Here’s an interior view with the Windmill’s staff:

And finally, here’s a menu from the Windmill (with 1950 prices!), as reproduced from The Southampton Press:

A special thank you to the Southampton Historical Museums and Research Center and the Rogers Memorial Library for these great images of Southampton, circa 1950!

(For Friday – Images of Roulstons.)

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