Saturday, July 16, 2011

Images of Roulston's

Art working at Roulston's, circa 1950.

A couple more pictures have turned up of Roulston’s, where Art worked as a grocery clerk during his courtship with June.  Located on Main Street, the Southampton Roulston’s was one of hundreds of Thomas Roulston & Sons chain grocery stores located in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.  The chain was headquartered in Brooklyn and the oldest stores dated back to the 1880s.  In the 1940s, the Southampton store was managed by Rodney Pierson, a distant relative of Art’s.

Apparently, Art worked briefly at Roulston’s prior to his time in the Navy.  When he returned to Southampton in 1947 after his service as a Navy Quartermaster, he went back to working for Rod Pierson at Roulston’s.

In August 1944 (when Art was 17 years old), Rod Pierson wrote the following recommendation for Art, possibly connected with Art’s looming service in the Navy and/or his application for Quartermaster training:

August 8, 1944
Southampton, NY

To whom it may concern:

Arthur W. Price has been in my employ for the past two months during which time I have found Arthur to be honest, upright, and conscientious in every respect.  I do not hesitate to recommend Arthur very highly.

F. Rodney Pierson

Another image of Roulston's from the time when Art
was working there.

An image of Roulston's, circa 1920.  A special thank you to the
Southampton Historical Museums and Research Center for this delightful
image of old Southampton!

(For Monday – Art's 1950 speech to a women's club about his experiences in Shanghai.)

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