Friday, July 1, 2011

Assigned to the Plant Dept.

June enjoyed the weekend with Art, but then returned to the city for one final visit with Shirl.

Fashion sketches by June Anderson.

Tuesday, August 15, 1950

112 West 86th Street
New York City, NY

Dear Art,

I’m sorry I didn’t write last night.  I was so tired, I thought I’d wait till this morning.

Well, I got through everything.  Of all the girls there – and there must have been about 40 – only two of us were selected for the telephone company’s Plant Department.  The others were told they could be operators or nothing.  So I guess we were pretty lucky.  Can you imagine me sitting there dividing fractions?  I don’t even think I’ve looked at a fraction for about six years!

I’m glad it’s Westhampton.  I think that’s about the nicest thing about it.  If there are no buses, I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone to take me back and forth.  And I won’t be up in the Riverhead office either, thank goodness.

Shirl’s pretty happy – she insists she’s leaving New York for good.  She’s still trying to think up a nice logical excuse to tell Traphagen for quitting school.  I can’t seem to persuade her to stay.  So now we’re trying to figure out how to move everything by – Thursday?  Our rent is paid till next Monday.  We sent Betty a telegram last night.  She should get it this morning.  We can’t tell Betty’s
things from June O’Neal’s, so she’ll just have to come.

Shirl and I went to the movies last night and probably will tonight and tomorrow night, too.  It’s our last fling.

Darling, I’ll see you Thursday night.  Till then –

All my love,


© 2011 Lee Price

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