Friday, October 29, 2010

Groceries and Art School

After completing his Navy service in 1947, Art returned to Southampton and life in his parent’s house.  He found a job working at Roulston’s grocery store, which was managed by Rodney Pierson, a distant relative.  Art was a dependable hard worker.  He
Pencil sketch of a dog by Art Price.
Note grade of B+ above name.
handled all chores that needed to be done at the store including waiting on customers, butchering, mopping and cleaning, and stocking the shelves.

Art enrolled in the Partida School of Arts, located in Southampton at 18 Cameron Street.  Elena Partida founded the school with her husband Allan Harris to teach art, music, and dance.  Known by her students simply as Partida, she served as Art’s teacher as he studied oil painting, watercolor, drawings, composition, and life drawing.  Her husband taught the music and dance classes (which were not of interest to Art).

Once or twice a week, Art would attend his art lessons with Partida, working on his sketching and oil painting skills.  On other nights, he would go to the movies or spend an evening out with the boys.

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