Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Gallery of Art's Drawings from his Navy Service

Filling in with some background information during a letter-writing hiatus from October 6 to November 9, 1949, as June recuperates at the hospital from a ruptured appendix…

Art brought his sketch pad with him as he toured the Pacific on Navy minesweepers.  Most of his drawings from this period are rapid sketches, in pencil or charcoal, of his immediate surroundings, including life aboard the ship and life ashore in the Philippines and Shanghai.  These drawings are a small sampling of his work.

Art's drawing of a view from
the minesweeper.

Art's drawing of a juggling entertainer.

Art's drawing of a boy
begging in Shanghai.

At the wheel, a drawing
by Art Price.

(On Thursday, June’s first year at Traphagen…)

Countdown:  Correspondence resumes in 14 days.

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